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الشروق لتكنولوجيا الأجهزة الطبية والعلمية

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AlShrouk for Medical & Scientific Equipment Technology 

is a biomedical equipment services and repair company located in Cairo Egypt.

AlShrouk provides biomedical equipment repair solutions to healthcare facilities, clinics and medical companies of all types and sizes. 

Our commitment to providing high quality, cost-effective equipment, and services has earned the trust and loyalty of all of our clients. Service is designed to keep medical equipment running in peak condition at a guaranteed cost savings. From general biomedical equipment,

AlShrouk is committed to providing superior healthcare services and products, mostly Spacelabs, Philips,  Nihon Kohden, and GE and many devices . 


AlShrouk  fosters a climate where innovation, creativity and continuous quality improvement takes place. 

AlShrouk  will use OEM parts where possible and if requested by customer, otherwise, aftermarket parts meeting 

AlShrouk ’s standards will be used. Each member of our organization is dedicated to excellence and continual organization and professional improvement.   

Our key business objectives are: 

  • Provide High Quality Services.
  • To Build Solid Customer Relationships.
  • Maintain Vendor Neutrality. 

Our Mission

Maintenance and repair


Maintenance and Repair of medical Equipment (ICU, operating room, Ultrasound )

صيانة وأصلاح اجهزة الرعاية والعمليات والموجات فوق الصوتية 


Patient Monitor, Defibrillator, Stress Test System, Ultrasound machine, Video Printer Mitsubishi & Sony

أصلاح وصيانة اجهزة ( مونيتور مراقبة مريض - صدمات القلب - رسم قلب بالمجهود - موجات فوق صوتية سونار ، أيكو - طابعات السونار والايكو سوني وميتسوبيشي

توفير قطع الغيار ومستلزمات التشغيل



Medical Battery


Original Battery & replacement Battery & battery pack

       توفير بطاريات الاجهزة الطبية الأصلية والبديلة وتجميع الخلايا                                         


Mitsubishi Medical Video Printers

Medical Video Printer USB & BNC Interface

توفير طابعات ميتسوبيشي لأجهزة السونار والأيكو 


Ultrasound paper & Video printer thermal paper

Ultrasound Paper

Sony & Mitsubishi 

  •  High Glossy 
  •  High Density 
  •  Standard 

ورق طابعات سونار وايكو حراري لاجهزة الموجات فوق الصوتية 

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AlShrouk for Medical & Scientific Equipment Technology

AlShrouk for Medical & Scientific Equipment Technology, Street 103, Maadi Al Khabiri Al Wasti, Maadi, Egypt

002 02 25251883 , 25285816 , 25285817


Saturday - Thursday : 8am - 4pm

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